Sunday, August 17, 2008

longtime no blog.....busy busy busy

Well the summer is just going by way too fast. I have been so busy that I have not taken time to update my blog. So here goes!

Things have been going well. Still decorating the nursery ( pics to come later in another post), crocheting, beading, traveling and trying to study. Whew! No wonder I have not been blogging!

July was a great month for us. I blogged about our trip to Laughlin, NV in my last post. But we also went to an incredible church conference in Phoenix. You know it was HOT! And so, I decided to make a light weight dress to wear to one of the evening events. I bought the fabric a while ago from the $2.00/yard table at Michael Levine's in downtown LA. (Fabric Mecca if you ask me!) I still buy cheap errr....I priced fabric, since I am a novice. When I grow up in my sewing, I will buy the more expensive stuff. Anyway, I cannot remember at this moment what pattern this is but I think its McCalls. So, it looks like a nightgown and it felt like one but it was oooh soooooooo perfect for that HOT HOT Phoenix evening. It was about the least amount of clothing that I could wear and remain tasteful and not get thrown out of the christian conference:


Even though it was hot and I felt awful by the last morning there, I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and was moved and inspired to do more for God. So, it was totally worth it!

I got a surprise at the end of the month. My BFF from Chicago came to visit me and we painted the town for 3 days! Our very subdued version of painting the town included shopping in Downtown LA, people watching on Venice Beach, a ride up the PCH to Malibu and dinner at Neptune's Net, and of course strolling down the Hollywood walk of fame. We stopped at the Disney Soda fountain and had some cool refreshments:


It was so good for my soul to have her here in LA. Just a little piece of Chicago to tide me over until I can go home again. We have her dear mother to thank for that wonderful weekend. It was her first visit to my place but it will not be the last!

Of course I was supper tired afterward because we basically did all that in 2 days. I never run like that but we had to make the most of her short visit.

So, as life got back to normal, I tried to get some studying in, but summer is just hard on a student! I just want to play! So, I did. I made a few things. Check it out:

This bag is inspired by Drew Emborsky's Chic on the Half Shell. Check it out on Ravelry. I changed it a bit to make the shape more to my liking and Drew (That Crochet Dude) even left me a message saying that he liked it!


I also made the Fat Bottom bag from S&B Nation's The Happy Hooker:

fatbottom bag

I like it. It turned out nicely. I carried it one Sunday to Church with a red dress that I made. I received a ton of compliments on both. It was a DIY Sunday that day!

In addition, I have been beading. All my own designs. Lots a stuff but here are just a few:

This one is a favorite!


matching earrings:


This one I like because its girly and it will go perfectly with one of my dresses:


I really enjoy the beading a lot. I think because its almost instant gratification. It takes no time to make a cute necklace and a nice pair of earrings. Plus, its a great summer craft alternative to knitting and crocheting.

So, as you can see I have been super busy and having lots of fun. Unfortunately, I ended up getting sick and have been in the bed for since Wednesday. Today was my first day back out in civilization and I still was not 100%. But I am feeling better by the minute. In fact, I think I hear my beads calling me........or , maybe thats my books calling me.......hmmmmmm. Nah, I think its the beads.