Wednesday, August 11, 2010

crafting and recuperating

I am at home this week after an outpatient surgical procedure last week. I am doing well and will be back in the swing of things next week. Being off has afforded me the opportunity to do a bit of crafting. Because of my surgery, I am not allowed to lift anything over 10 pounds so my son, weighing in at 23 lbs, continues to go to daycare while I heal. So, that leaves me with time to craft. The first few days after the surgery, I was in a percocet induced haze so all I did was lay on the couch and babble unintelligible words and phrases which my husband rightfully ignored. But by Monday I was able to handle my sewing machine so I decided to work on a baby quilt I have been making for a friend. I am happy to say that I finished it! The baby is due in the fall so I am way ahead of the game. This is my second Crazy Shortcut Quilt and I have to say, I really enjoy quilting in this style. This was made with one layercake that I found on ebay for $6.00! The sashing and the binding is symhony broadcloth from JoAnn's that I got on sale so this gift was very affordable. This pattern works up quickly since the squares are precut. It took me a while because I have a little one and am in school and have precious little time for crafting. But I really think if you have the time, and you are good at Quilting, you could finish this one in no time. Looking forward to making more of these in the future!

design floor


sashed both ways

Crazy Shortcake baby Quilt


This pattern was developed after the book was published and you can find the pattern here:

Marguerite's Blog

Its so far from perfect, but it turned out great and I enjoyed the process!

And finally, a little cuteness for the road:

reading with Dad