Sunday, August 28, 2011

Progress Without Posting

I have been away from the blog lately.  I have been busy with studying and family as usual. I had been quilting and have some progress to report.   First, a full view of Happy in Cali:


This is not a great shot but its  the best I can do with my camera. I really love this quilt!
This has been  finished for a while but I just kept trying to get a better picture. Oh well...

Next up is this baby quilt that I finished in July.  Again, took forever to get it photographed!  Its not perfect but its so soft and cuddly.  The fabrics  are all flannel and that makes it so nice for  babies. I originally started out making this for a friend but did not get it done in time to give to  her, plus the sashing is so uneven.  I am not sure what I will be doing with this one.  I really do  still love this one so much as  well.


So, after this one was done, I could not find time to quilt. When I did have  time I was just too tired. So, I did not work on anything for weeks.  Until I decided to go ahead and cut fabric for the next baby quilt.This time it would be pink for a baby girl recently  born.  I decided  to try out  the 10-minute blocks. I already had the fabric so I ran out and got the book.  Now I have mentioned before that my crafting only happens when my little guy is sleeping. So I guess it was about 11 PM when I sat down to cut this fabric.  I put a brand new, very sharp  blade in my rotary cutter and for some reason  I put it down and went to do something else. I came back and picked up the rotary cutter to get started. Well, guess what happened? I did not have it in safe mode and you guessed it, I dropped the cutter!  The blade made a clean 1.5 inch cut in my leg and necessitated a trip  to the ER.  I ended up getting 3 staples.  I was mocked by  everyone in  the ER when I told them that this was a quilting accident!

After that, I was hesitant to quilt late at night. So, it took me a while to jump in again to get the quilt below going.  But since I used the  10 minute blocks it did not take long!


I am planning to add a thin white border and then another 3 inch border in a pink polka dot print.  Then on to the quilting.  I will likely do a solid pink backing or maybe brown.  We shall see!

So,  that's my  progress so far!  I still have to put one more border on my red,  black and white quilt.  I am thinking of calling it Newspaper....because of that very  old, very bad joke.

For now,  no more late night quilting! And, I had the good since to invest in a rotary cutter that is always in safe mode when not in use.  Thank goodness for Joann's coupons!

Finally, just  tad bit of cuteness!


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