Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Crochet Crafty Goodness

Well,  I have to admit it.  I  love to craft!  I really love all kinds of making. Cooking, sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting and all kinds of paper crafting.  I like them all but I seem to do them one at a time, except for cooking of course!  But even  with cooking, I only tend be creative and adventurous with my dishes during the holiday season.  So this year, after a two year hiatus from scrapbooking, I jumped in again in January and have continued to do so up to now.  From there I got into some mixed media art as well as art journaling. I have been doing it all!

When I think about it, I have always liked making, ever since I was a little girl.  I wanted a holly hobby  oven and got a holly hobby sewing machine.  I picked weeds from the back yard and pretended to make soup out of them.  I took old jeans and cut them then sewed them up into a very primitive purse.  I just love making!

So now that the weather is turning cooler, even in Sunny SoCal,  my attention is suddenly returning to crochet and knitting. Here is what I made this week!

Santa Hat ( extra Large, for my big head!)

 photo hats001_zpsc8d42c29.jpg

Santa Hat for my Boy ( He is 4 )

 photo hats007_zpsc91c3853.jpg

Just starting the one for my DH.

Slouch Hat and scarf for me:

 photo hats006_zps91801d14.jpg

 photo hats004_zpsf6b48497.jpg

 photo hats003_zps6b0ed527.jpg

 photo hats002_zps6080b792.jpg

So,  thats whats up for now!  I am currently casting on  this for my son:


And  here is the Santa Hat Pattern: