Friday, June 23, 2017

amazon affiliate!

Here is the Link!


I will be updating this blog more often with all my crafty projects.  This is just a place holder for my Amazon Affiliate link for now

Monday, March 27, 2017

The Crafty Nomad Podcast! Another Crafty Vlog Style Video

Well hi everyone!  (bueler.....bueler.......I know I have not posted over here in a while! )

I decided to start updating my blog each time I post  a new podcast episode.

This week I have a HO and two WIPS to Share and  A sneak peek into Love of Crochet Magazine.

I also added in a little  CAR Chat!  This is a new feature on my videos that I hope to develop more because I love doing it. (basically I love talking! Who cares if its to myself!)

Here are some Links to some of the things I talked about:

The Sock Doctor Key Chain

My Avon Store

Kim's Beauty Supply

My Etsy Shop

EboniePearl Creations

Other Podcasts I love!

The Pen, Hook and Needles Podcast

New Podcast I found this Week:

Naturally, Kim's Knitting Podcast

My socks

Until Next Post!  Keep It Crafty!!!!!