Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January Goals finished with one day to spare!

My goals:

Scarf for Elisa-done
Hat for Chiti-done
skinny scarf and beanie for ME!-Done

And finally.....drum roll please..........SOCKS! FOR ME!

This is my first pair! I have definately begun the year knitting fearlessly. Yeah!
(now if I could just figure out how to add a button to my blog, I could get the knitting fearlessly button from knitting daily)

without further adieu:


Just a simple basic footie type sock. The yarn is from my stash and I think its called Dancing from knit picks in the color rumba. Might be the other way around. I lost the bands on this yarn long ago. Anyway, I think I am hooked on sock knitting!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

When I was 11 Years old.....

I begged my parents to send me to a sewing class. I lived on the Southside of Chicago and we had a mall where there was a Singer store. In the basement, they offered sewing classes. My best bud at the time was planning to take the class over the summer and I begged my folks until they gave in. (i was always kind of good at that!) I am not sure why I had to wear them down, maybe the cost of the class. Who knows. Anyway, they paid for the class and I started. Shortly after I started, my life got super busy and I got really destracted. I had my first little boyfriend and he gave me a little ring that he got from the candy store. At about the same time, my sister, Who was about 12 or 13, had attended her first wedding. She has loved weddings ever since. So, when the kids on the block heard about the ring, they started teasing us and asking us when we were getting married. Well, you know what happened: My sister started planning the wedding! We had rehearsal, we had a reception and I even had a white dress and veil! (one of my friends was catholic, so I used her veil from her first holy communion.) I also went on a vacation that year with my Grandmother. I think we went to Atlanta and New Orleans. I said all that to say, that I barely went to the sewing class that I begged for and consequently, did not learn a thing!
Fast forward to 2007. I decided to do the things that I always wanted to do. So, signed up for a sewing class. I have taken 2.5 5week sessions and below is a not so good picture of the best thing I made to far! Its so far from perfect and its not even done but I am so proud of myself that I had to post what I have done so far:



Its McCalls M5555 View B


As I said, if you look close you will see tons of mistakes but I think its great for a begginner!

Also, here is another Crochet FO:

crcochet fo

I got the hat pattern online and I designed the neck warmer! It has cute buttons but again, I did not take a great picture.

I am almost finished with my first sock. I was going to crochet it to get the socks done quickly, but I had to admit that the knitted sock looks so much better so I forged ahead. I think I will get them done this week and will post a picture later this week.

Anyway, I off to continue my day of crafting!
Thanks for coming by!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

New offerings from Knitty?

Looks like Knitty has some new patterns up. I don't remember these from before. I really like this and might go for it. We shall see:

bell curve

I like the shape of this and it seems relatively simple. Seems like it would be very figure flattering.

Friday, January 18, 2008

How Much Would You Charge for this?

I have been getting lots of requests for my crochet boa and hat set. I am trying to come up with a price for it but I am so clueless since I have never sold any of my stuff. So, I need your advice. What would you guys charge for this. It took me about 9 days to complete this set, but that included crocheting all day on new years eve since I was offI would guess that the total amount of time I spent making the hat was maybe 2-3 hours. The scarf was mor like 12-20 hours. I am not really sure. The yarn was super inexpensive because it is acrylic, maybe about $16.00 in materials.

You can see how it looks here

Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

another FO

Here is the Hat I knit for my friend's Husband. Its being modeled by my dh! Its a simple 1x1 rib and I really Hope it fits. Some of my stitches are a little uneven, but over all, its good!




On to my socks! I wanted to knit a pair for myself this month, but I think I am going to cheat and crochet them because it will go quicker. Once they are done, My January knitting/crocheting goals will be met!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

FO Crochet/knitting

Here is my latest. The yarn is TLC essentials. The scarf is sort of a freeform pattern of my own. I got the beanie pattern online. I have gotten a boatload of compliments on this set.

More to come later.


Its super long and perfect for my height. It was going to be a gift, but I have been wearing it everyday! So, I guess its mine!


The hat is cuter but I did not adjust it before I took the pix.


The is a gift for a friend.




I joined the Yearlong Giftalong that Marce Started here:


This is such a great idea! Its helping me focus. Plus you get great ideas from what others are doing. Check it out when you get a chance.

Thats all for now.

Oh, thanks for all the encouragement re the adoption!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Adoption Progress!

Today is an exciting day. My hubby and I are still doing all of our paperwork but our agency called today about a baby boy born today in Georgia. They were calling to see where we stood with our home study. Since the baby was born today, they were looking for families who were finished or almost finished with the home study. We are not far enough along but it was great to get the phone call! We plan to be done by the end of the month with the home study so hopefully we will get another call at that time. I am just so encouraged that they are calling! I was almost a mother today! He was 7 pounds and some ounces. I guess some might be discouraged or feel like we missed out on this chance. But I firmly believe that our child is out there and we will be ready when he or she is ready. I just feel excited that we will have a child of our own in 2008!

Just had to gush a little bit!