Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I am up. I have a lot on my mind. Mostly, family. Namely, I want one! This adoption process is killing me! Its so hard to sit and wait. I so wish that there was something I could do to make it all work out tomorrow. But I cannot. Please pray for us. This is a hard journey. And I ain't no spring chicken.......


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Crochet Goodness

I have not been posting But I have been making things. From the look of things, I have been doing way more crocheting than studying, which is not good. I have been so off focus. We recently were considering an adoptive placement. However, after lots of praying, tears and advice, we decided not to move forward. But for about a week we did consider taking a sibling group of 3! So, for about a week, I was overwhelmed with the possibilities. We learned a lot. We realize now that as first time parents, we just are not prepared to take on three older kids. Keep praying for us. We hope to welcome a little one into our hearts and homes in 2009.

So, since crochet is my therapy, I have been busy. Take a look: