Sunday, December 16, 2007

Finished objects!

So, I have been knitting, sewing and beading. Here are a few of my FOs

This is a garter stitched rectangle, folded in half and seamed. Made with JOANN'S BOUCLE. I sort of made up the pattern. And, the cool thing is that I did not even use an entire ball of this yarn! And, I have gotten a ton a compliments on it.

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Not the greatest picture of me, but you can see the shawl very well.

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The only problem I am having with this is that the wide arms keep getting caught on everything. I am now making a crocheted version and am planning to modify the arms so that they aren't to wide.

I have also been beading. Check out some of my earrings.

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These are some of my first efforts and I am still learning. But, I really like them. I am planning to make some for some of my girls for christmas.

And speaking of Christmas, I finally got my tree up. See the poinsettia ornaments? Made those too. About 4 years ago.

Dang, I'm crafty!

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WEll, thats all for now. I will show some of my sewing projects next goround. I am almost finished with a dress I hope to wear to church next sunday, but I am having a devil of a time with the zipper! Any tips? Let me know.

Until next time.......


PAJNSTL said...

your earrings are cute!

urbanknitrix said...

OMG, I love your shrug/sweater,it is gorgeous!! The colors are awesome as well. Will you be posting a pattern?

Sheila said...

Nice cover-up and you did a great job on the earrings. I actully purchased a beading kit and have yet to make As for the zipper check out this site - it has a great tutorial -

Cindy said...

Ooo, everything looks great! Making earrings can be really addictive... watch out! =)

Nettie said...

Those earrings are great. Better than some stuff I've seen on Etsy!

NH Knitting Mama said...

Hi, there! Great to see you back - I had given up for a while there. I knew you were doing the adoption process, and it can be very consuming.

Virtuous said...

Welcome Back!!

Your shrug reminds me of my Bobbilicous!

Your earrings look great and I love the last two!!

007gurl said...

You are really talented. I love the earrings and shawl.

S0uthernGirl said...

Hi Kim,

I love the colors in our shrug and your earrings are great. I have yet to actually finish a sewing project :( I keep finding myself starting new ones all the time LOL. I'm really close to finishing one dress in particular so hopefully I'll be able to post pics this weekend. Can't wait to see other projects of yours.

Jengibre said...


what a great idea for a shrug. Ive often done the rectangle shrug--but never so large. what a great idea---and i agree that Sensations Bouclé is off the chain.