Sunday, June 15, 2008

WWKIPD and Jewelry Creations and Grad School

This year, my guild got together to celebrate Worldwide Knit in Public Day. We divided ourselves between 3 locations. One of my great friends and I went to Del Amo Mall to knit with the ladies. Would you believe, that we got "broken up by the mall security!?! One of the girls in the group had contacted the mall last month to make sure that it would be okay for us to meet. Well, the guy in charge never returned any of her 3 phone calls. Apparently there was some paperwork that we needed to complete prior to meeting there. But, since he never called her back, we were not able to do that. But all was not lost. We simply had to sit on the mall benches and refrain from using our own chairs, and take down all of our little signs. So, even though we had to spread out, we still had fun. And we even had a few people stop and ask questions and knit a bit with us. We all brought extra needles in yard just for that purpose. We passed out some info re our guild so I think overall, we did our part in raising knitting awareness in southern CA!

Check us out:


I have been knitting and crocheting. No pictures though because I have not had a lot of progress. I have, however, been making lots of jewelry! Check out my handmade bling!


The first necklace is a reworking of one pictured here before. That one was one of my first efforts and I did not crimp it well, so it broke. I like the reincarnated version better.

Grad school is going well. I have been studying hard and getting good grades. Its exciting because I have not been in school in a while so I was not sure if my brain was going to get into the swing of things. But things are going so well that my academic adviser thinks I might want to think about accelerating my pace. Its a self-paced program so you can go as fast or as slowly as you choose. But I am still going to take my time so that I can really learn the info. I am enjoying though.

Its almost time to start the adoption process again. Please pray for my family. We are so nervous about putting ourselves out there again, but we are moving ahead and trusting God to take care of us through this process.

In other news, my dh received his formal offer on his new position as Assistant principal! We are super excited!


Virtuous said...

Great KIP Day!

Congrats to your hubby!

Dianne said...

I'm nervous and excited for you about the adoption process. Your baby is out there, I just know it! I'll keep you and your hubby in my prayers.

Cas... said...

It looks like things are going well for you. I hope things continue to prosper in your life. You will be in my prayers continously through your adoption process.

StarSpry said...

Sounds like a fun day! That's really beautiful jewelry you've made :)

I'm glad to hear that school is going well. I'll continue thinking of you and your family during the adoption process.

Pajnstl said...

Thanks chic

Cool jewelry! Hope things go well this time around.
Congrats to the hubby!

and i need your email again. Thx

urbanknitrix said...

Congrats to you and your husband. I start grad school this fall and can't wait!!

Cennetta said...

You have a lot to celebrate. Congratulations on everything. I pray that God will bless you with the child you seek.
Peace and Happiness,

Anonymous said...

I got you!!!!!

Thanks for dropping by C-Purls~

Sheila said...

Lovely Jewelry and Big Congrats to your Husband.