Thursday, July 3, 2008

Summer Break! (Warning: Lots of Pics!)

Summer is finally here which means that my educator husband is on break. So, we took a little break together this week. We had a blast. We went to Laughlin, NV for 3 nights and it was totally worth the trip. This is the beginning of the hottest time of the year for the desert, so our room was super duper cheap. At first I thought it might be too hot to really enjoy, with temperatures reaching 114 degrees! But I was wrong.

Laughlin is a like a gentler, quieter Vegas. Casinos on the river and great buffets in all of them. They don't have the big name shows, so if thats what you are looking for, you would have to go to Vegas. But hey, if you are big fans of these guys:


They were headlining there this week.

But, I digress,

My dh and I were just looking to relax and unwind, and we did. The road trip is about a 4.5 hour drive from Southern California and we enjoyed the ride. We stopped at Bob's big boy and had some all American food for lunch and took advantage of a photo op:




Then we gassed up the rental and continued our journey:


In Laughlin, the casinos are on the Colorado River. Its gorgeous during the night and in the daylight:



It was very hot, but we were either in our room, in the casinos, or in the pool. ( yes i got in the pool! Actually put on a swimming suit and got in the pool! I was so proud of myself. But that tells you how hot it was. it was the only way to be outside in the picture of me in a suit though!)

You can shuttle between the casinos on water taxis. That was a treat within itself. The breeze was cooler on the water. Check out my dress, I made it myself from my own pattern! Its super simple, super flawed and totally what I needed for the hot weather. I am going to Arizona at the end of this month for a church conference and plan to make another one for that trip.

Water Taxi:



View as Water Taxi leaves our hotel:


Us on the water taxi:


This one is not the greatest, but you can sort of see how cute the dress was. Or at least, I thought it was cute. :)

The little tiny seemingly man-made beach at Harrah's


On the beach at night at Harrah's, our hotel/casino:


Overall, we had a wonderful time, we did not lose very much money, about $20.00. But my dh played in a poker tournament and won $140.00, so we came out ahead. IT was a lot of fun and I highly recommend visiting Laughlin. Its like a baby Vegas, with a more sedate crowd and no one trying to sell you a timeshare or handing you flyers for houses of ill-repute. And, I got some crocheting done on the road trip, pix to follow!



Virtuous said...

GURL you had me at Big Boy!!! I haven't been to one since I was a child!!! Neat! :o)

Look like a great vacation!

Enjoy the summer Kim!

Cas... said...

I don't think I ever went to a Big Boy. Maybe one day! Looks like you had a terrific time. The dress is very cute!

Pajnstl said...

Oh yall are doing it up!!
Have fun Kim! :)

StarSpry said...

I'm glad you had such a great vacation! Your dress looks really cute :)

Sheila said...

Great vacation and pics. Glad you had a ball. Like the dress and it looked perfect.

Thanks for the lovely compliment on my JCC garments.

Kim said...
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urbanknitrix said...

WOW!!! Big Boy! What!! Not a one on the East Coast (I don't think) at least not in D.C.

Looks like you two are having a lovely time. Enjoy!!

Ilix said...

LOL That is a Big Boy... neat. Thanks for the info on your destination, I have heard of it, and I am glad to know that it is out there. North of the border all they talk about is Vagas, and it never seemend like a place that my DH and I wanted to visit... but this sounds nice.

Cami said...

wow, it looks like you had an amazing time. And I think the dress is super cute!

Kristin said...

Awesome vacation and pics..! Looking gorgeous in white summer dress.