Monday, January 23, 2012


I have been missing from blogland because I had to hunker down and finish my masters degree.  I love crafting so much that the only way for me to focus on studying was to completely take a hiatus from crafting.  So, my last post here was on 8/31/2011.  I spent all of September through the beginning of December studying. I am happy to report that after 3 and a half years, I FINALLY FINISHED MY MASTERS DEGREE! Yeah!   I am so happy and so relieved.  Now can finally get back to crafting. Though since I have an almost 3 year old boy, there is still not a lot of crafting going on, I must say.  But, I manage to get a some things done, while he is sleeping usually.  Here is my first FO of 2012:


Its a little wall hanging for my cubicle at work.   I want to create some wall quilts for my work space and this is the first one so far.  I also wanted to practice paper piecing so this little quilt fit the bill.  It has been completed at this point but I forgot to bring it in to hang in my cubicle.  Tomorrow I guess....

I am now working on my jelly roll race quilt and that will be my next FO for this year I hope.  A friend is due with a baby boy and  I have the fabric already for her quilt.  I just need to come up with an easy, quick design for her quilt. I am thinking of doing the tube quilting pattern like this:

 Or an easy chevron pattern like this


I am leaning toward the zig zag......Gotta make up my mind quickly since the shower is just around the corner and I so want to finally give someone a completed quilt at the shower!  Wish me luck!

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Threeundertwo said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Finishing a Masters is so huge. I love your heart quilt. I'm always too late to get around to Valentine-ish things after Christmas.

The Thompsons said...

Congrats! It's always nice when you finish, isn't it?! I did absolutely no sewing during my masters either. Welcome back to the crafting land. :)

Rebecca said...

Congrats! And I like the wall hanging; I'm hoping to try a small paperpiecing project this year too.

Letterpress said...

Wowsers! Finishing a Masters Degree is HUGE, and frankly, more important that blogging or quilting. Like others, all my sewing went dark while I did mine as well. But welcome back, and I enjoyed watching the video about tube quilting. I'd heard about it, but it wasn't until I hit your blog that I understood what it was all about.

Your heart quilt is lovely; I like paper piecing like that in small doses, and this fits the ticket.

Again, congratulations on your Masters!

Elizabeth E.

BertiesBakery said...

My mom and I have done several quilts together... I'll be sending her the link to your site now! :)