Monday, March 10, 2014

Crafty Weekend

Saturday was a great day! First of all the weather was fabulous. The sun was bright and it was nice and warm outside. I think if that was the only good thing about Saturday, it would have been enough. However, there were many more blessings! First I had a potluck breakfast with some of my best girlfriends from church:

Then my son started T-ball and his first game was Saturday.  Definitely a proud Mommy moment!

Then I attended this month's Craft Meetup.  I was so productive.  I totally focused on quilting this big quilt.  I live in a small two bedroom apartment and my kid has tons of toys. So, quilting this quilt had been taking a while.  So, I dedicated the entire 4 hours of the meetup to quilting this baby and I finished!  Now its ready for binding.  So excited.  And do you see this little machine?  I bought this machine on HSN several years ago and NEVER used it until this year!  Its called the Quilting Machine by White.  It comes in a case and part of the case doubles as a table which helps you to make the machine into a flat bed. Previously I was using this machine in my sewing table which attempts to do the same thing.  I have to tell you, I was sleep on this machine.  When I used it as it was meant to be used, the quilting was much easier.  Its a small machine with a very small harp area.  But with that table attached, the quilt was so easy to manipulate. Plus, as you can see from my picture, I had a whole table to myself! So the table held the weight of the quilt and made it much easier on my body.  I must figure out how to make this happen at home!

I am very new to free motion quilting and will not be winning any prizes anytime soon (many many mistakes), but I am so proud of myself for going for it!  Check out the quilting! I am trying to learn how to do swirlies!

In addition,  I did finish the project from last week!   My little guy named her Pinky Daisy Dot!

All around great weekend.  I realized that crafting is the thing I would do all day and be happy even if I never make any money from it.  I just love making!  I was happy all weekend because of the time I spent making stuff.  Looking forward to more days like this one.  And if I could figure out how to make a little change from it, that would be awesome!

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Brittany L Coughlin said...

Hi Kim, your little piggy turned out adorable!! Crocheting little creatures can be very very addictive! Trust me, I know first hand. You have been warned, haha. :)

Jen V said...

What a cute little pig! I love making crochet amigurumi figures. They work up so fast!

Your quilt is beautiful. I have never tried quilting but would love to someday.

Joan M said...

I am very impressed by your productivity. The quilt looks great, and I love your pig.
I have never tried machine quilting or crochet animals - two things on my to do list.

Kate Danielle said...

I love the pig! I want to learn how to crochet one day! Awesome Job!