Monday, March 2, 2015

Soooooo, I've been crafting but not Posting!!

Time to document my crafty life!  

So far in 2015 I have finished a few things.  I have been into yarn for the past year.  Mostly crochet but I did pick up my needles and started knitting again in 2015.  I'm loving it.  Knitting still takes forever, but for garments I just love the look.  So,  what I have completed so far this year is mostly crochet, actually all crochet! 

All items are crocheted.  First two are free patterns on ravelry which I will link here:

The Third one I learned from a youtube tutorial which I will link here:

I used bernat baby softee for the the baby hoodie and it worked up nice and quick.  I used Vanna White yarn for the beret.  The pattern called for  a nice pom pon on the back but the person it was made for would not want that detail so I left it off.  I also used Vanna White yarn for the Trinity stitch hat.  

I enjoyed these Projects. 

As for knitting I have a pair of vanilla socks on the needles.  Slow going because I am just a slow knitter:

Its further alone than this now so I should be turning the heel soon.  Wish me luck! 

I am also making a sweater!  I'm being brave this year with plans to knit a sweater for myself and one for my son.  And a sweater vest for my husband if I can.  So I have my sweater cast on and its coming along well.  I'm using loops and threads acrylic  for mine because:

  1. Its affordable.  For my first sweater, I did not want to spend a lot of money on yarn, because knowing me I might peter out before I finish.
  2. I cannot afford to be a yarn snob.....maybe one day, but for now, I am cannot
  3. I don't really wear wool anyway. All of my bought sweaters are some form of acrylic
I don't have a picture of my progress yet but it is a free pattern on Ravelry which I will link here:

I am enjoying this one for sure and hopefully I won't come to regret the acrylic.  Maybe if I am uber pleased with the results I will do it again with a premium yarn.  

I am also making a Flax sweater for my son and a coordinating Barley Hat. I have the yarn.  I will be making his in acrylic for sure.  Loops and Threads baby yarn in a dark grey colorway.  I have not casted these on yet but when I get to a certain point in my sweater,  I will cast on the Flax sweater.  

So,  I have been watching lots of knitting podcasts lately and it seems that project bags have become a thing since last I knit.  So,  I naturally feel the pull to have a bag for each of my projects too!  So,  I bought some inexpensive unlined drawstring bags from Etsy seller GalianaCreations.  and I really like my bags pictured here:

I have another one as well but no picture.  This one is now holding the yarn for my son's sweater.  But I was so inspired by everyone's pretty bags that I decided to make some of my own.  Using this tutorial:

I made two of my own. The owly one is big enough for a shawl but is currently holding my February Lady Sweater.  The one with the elephant print is holding a bunch of Red Heart With Love Yarn purchased for the sweater initially but I ended up abandoning that yarn because it was just way too fuzzy.  I love these bags. I included a layer of felt in mine instead of batting because thats what I had. But it turns out that it makes the bags more sturdy and when they are opened, they work like little baskets.  They are not perfect but I am so proud of my work! 

I have plans to make a few more bags.  I have to say I am enjoying my sewing machine! 

So,  thats it for 2015 so far. I did a lot in 2014 but I did not document a lot here. I am planning to do more of that this year. 

As mentioned above, I have really been enjoying a ton of podcasts and vlogs.  Here are a few that I love:

There are tons of great ones!  

Anyway, thats all for now.  Happy Crafting! 


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