Friday, April 20, 2007

Knitting for peace of mind

Well, I decided to blog about my knitting today. I learned to knit about 17 years ago, but I got busy and did not pick it up for years. I started consistently knitting about 3 years ago. I also crochet. I picked it up again after going through a really tough time. I am still going through it and therefore still knitting.

I find that I love it. Its relaxing and meditative. I am one of those knitters that have about a million projects going at once:

A tricolored crocheted afgan (giving as a gift to friend moving to London)
two shrugs that need finishing (made for myself)
the very beginning of a sock ( i dropped a few stitches so I will be starting over on this one, so maybe it does not count. )
A crocheted purse that I am planning as my first felting project.

So you see, I am a little crazy and may have knitters attention deficit disorder! ( I am planning on starting a sweater this weekend. I am a mess and so is my house since there is yarn everywhere.)

Tomorrow, I will be in an all day free form crochet workshop! I will blog all about it next week. I think we will be making a purse. Just what I need. Did I mention that I am a bag lady? I have so many bags and purses. Like I said, I am a mess.

check back later, I will post some pix of my latest projects.

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