Friday, May 4, 2007

knitting on vacation-McAlester, OK

So, i am anticipating my summer vacation and looking forward to relaxing and knitting. I am visiting my mother-in-law in mcalester, oklahoma and my mom in Chicago. THe hottest thing happening in mcalester is the wal-mart supercenter. Yahoo! I figured since it such a small town that there would possibly be a nice little yarn shop for me to visit and shop in. Well, no dice! I searched the internet and it looks like we would have to drive to tulsa to get anywhere near a good yarn shop. Now I know they sell yarn at Wal-Mart, but I was hoping for something a little more exciting. Oh well......

So to keep it interesting, i am going to challenge myself to complete 3 small projects during my trip to sunny oklahoma. Hey, what else will I be doing! So, bloggers out there with ideas for small projects, please send them my way!

Chicago is a different story. I am so sure that there are tons of interesting yarn shops in the area. I think this one sounds interesting:

Let me know if you have any recommmendations!

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Evelyn said...

My daughter is a student in Chicago and she strongly recommends Loopy Yarns. Nice shop, super helpful, friendly staff. Not snobby at all. They give a 10% discount to students! Who wouldn't love that.

I'm also in the Los Angeles area--south of LAX. Drop by my blog and say hello!