Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Knitting Life

I realize that my needlework has taught me lots of things. I decided to list some of the things I have learned from knitting and crocheting.

  1. The end is always better than the beginning. When you start out knitting from your cast on edge, sometimes that first row can be kind of funky. Its hard to see the pattern emerging on that first row and sometimes its just hard to knit through that first row, especially for a beginner ( which I still consider myself to be). At times , you are tempted to abandon the entire thing because it simply looks like a mess of fiber that's not going to really turn into anything useful. In my life I have given up on many a project for this very reason. In my life I start things and initially, they start out badly. Whether it was relocating to California almost 8 years ago from Chicago or dating and hoping to find a mate, to trying desperately to have a child. These things were hard in the the beginning. So hard, that I thought I should give up. Since it was so difficult, with so many obstacles, maybe it was not meant to be. Maybe God was telling me to move on. Fortunately, giving up on a knitting project is easier than moving back to Chicago or abandoning my hopes of finding my soul mate or of every becoming a mother. With my knitting, i have frogged many a project and simply started over. Sometimes, I keep at the same project until I get it or I find something else to do with the yarn. I eventually find a project that works for me. I have found that if I persevere, I usually end up with something great, something that I can be proud of. In my life, I have found that if I simply persevere, I will find my way. Eight years ago, I arrived in LA, with 10 years of experience in the social service field and a bachelor's degree from Northwestern University. I just knew I would find a job and get settled quickly. Unfortunately, I soon learned that the work I had been able to do in Chicago, including running 3 different programs at different times, I would need a master's degree to do in Los Angeles. After 3 months of searching for a position in the human service field, and countless interviews, I was tempted to give up. But, I was determined not to go backwards, so I persevered and finally found a different path. My skills translated well into the health care field and I landed my first job and have not looked back. And its a good thing I did not give up and run home, because guess what else I found in LA? My hubby! I have been happily married for 5+ years and I know that all the waiting was totally worth it, because he is totally perfect for me. As for the baby, well that's still something that we are working on. No success so far, even with help from medical science. Its been very difficult, one of my biggest challenges to date. And yet, when I think of my needlework, my transition from Chicago to LA and even my marriage, I am reminded that in the end, the journey that I am on, seems to always land me exactly where I need to be. The road has been rough, full of challenges and obstacle, road blocks telling me to turn back. Yet, through perseverance, I am weaving together beautiful knitted projects and a beautiful life. ciao

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