Sunday, August 5, 2007

July Knitting Wrap Up

So, I did not get anything blocked or anything, but here is where I am at with my knitting projects:

Summer Tank: Finished but need to weave in the ends and block. It came out ok for my first try at an adult garment:

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I made 6 out of my 8 square goal, only to realize that I am going to miss my monthly meeting with my group. we are planning to piece these together to make lap blankies. I am still trying to figure out how to get my squares turned in. Again, they have not been blocked nor are the ends woven in:

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In order to make a 40x40 lap blanket, we need 16 10x10 squares. Since i did not complete enough of them to make an entire blanket I started crocheting a giant granny square. I will finish this in no time. This will be my contribution to my group's charity efforts. Hopefully, someone will get some good use out of it:

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Other than knitting, my vacation in oklahoma went well. we had a great time with my mother in law. Its always hard to leave family so it was a little emotional at the end. I will be off next week to Chicago! I will definately be spending a little time at Stitches Midwest. I did not sign up for any classes but I hope to walk around and visit lots of vendors!

This weekend, my hubby and I went to The Getty Villa Art Musemn in Malibu. The place is gorgeous! Here are a few pix:

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And me in one of the Gardens:

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After the Getty we had dinner and saw the Bourne Ultimatim! It was great!

I am planning to visit some LYS in Chicago. I don't thing I will do much knitting while I am there but I do plan to bring back some goodies!


Virtuous said...

I really like the tank! You should definitely wear it while you are in Chicago!

Still turn in your squares you never know who else may have come up short and they could possibly use them.

I like your crocheted blanket too!! Very cute!! Dang crocheting is SO much faster!

Have fun in Chi-town and can't wait to see some of your goodies when you return! :oD

PAJNSTL said...

Kim, Your Granny Square is really pretty.. I like the colors!

Milly said...

The museum looks like a lot of fun and how was the movie? I bet is was great I love those movies and the books!
I also love your tank, the color is yummy!

Nichole said...

Beautiful pics!!
Love your tank!

NH Knitting Mama said...

Great job on the tank!

I'm sure you can get the squares in somehow. You have lots of great projects going on!

Sheila said...

Great pics - and a pretty Tank - what pattern did you use...? Looking at your granny squares makes me want to do them - great for using up yarn remnants.

MrsPurls said...

The tank looks good so far! I've never been anywhere in the Midwest...I hope to visit someday!
Have fun in Chicago!