Sunday, March 15, 2009

Update on Me

I have had so much going on that there has been no knitting, crocheting or sewing or beading for the past several weeks. I am pursuing my masters degree and I had a big exam which I was not prepared for. Too much crocheting and socializing in the previous months! So, I had to knuckle down. And I am happy to say that I passed the exam! I was so relieved. Right after that, I had an 8-15 page paper due today. I am happy to say that it has been turned in! Hopefully, I wrote it well enough to be acceptable. So, I have officially finished the first year of my program a tad bit early. Which is great because we have some other good news! We have been matched with a birthmom! We are cautiously optimistic that we will finally welcome our child into our family. So, if I was not studying, I was dealing with all the things you have to deal with in this situations. So, I could not even think about crafting. I am hoping to do some crocheting and reading over the next several weeks before the baby comes. Hopefully, I will update the blog with some new projects and catchup on my blog reading.

Once the baby comes, I am planning to be off work for 3 months. Since I am not having a baby, I don't get to apply for state disability, so, I will be taking family medical leave, which will be unpaid. DH and I are preparing for this by researching ideas on frugal living. We will be pulling the belt way way tight from now until I return to work. My struggle will be to create healthy cheap meals. DH is diabetic so we cannot eat a lot of pasta and potatoes. Lucky for us there are some great whole wheat pastas and good ol' brown rice to help us. At first, the thought of living on one income was a little scary, especially since we are not debt free. But, we threw down the gauntlet and decided that it would be best for the baby if I can be home for as long as possible, no matter what adjustments we have to make. As we research it, its becoming a challenge. Hopefully we can do it!

More updates later


Cas... said...

I'm going to keep you in my prayers. I do hope this time it all works out for you.

Cheap and inexpensive meals are out there. I will check my vast stash of recipes and see what I can find for you. If you have any preferences (casseroles, stews, salads, etc) please let me know!

Send me your e-mail address so I can send you what I find.

Many blessings for you to come in the next few months. I'm sure of it!

Dianne said...

Congrats on finishing year one, and for the match with a birthmom. You will be in my prayers!

Sheila said...

You definitely have a lot going on and truly understand not being able to craft.

Kudos on acing your first year.