Sunday, June 24, 2007

Charity Squares

Well, I am still working away on my crocheted afgan. I will finish it this week as a part of my june stashalong goals. Its huge. I really like it and have decided to keep it!

check out my progress:

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My knitting guild is working on a charity project. We are making lapgans for a nursing home. Some people are making entire 40x40 lapgans. We are also making 10x10 squares and will sew them together in August as a group. Not a lot of these squares have been turned in. So, I have decided to make this my July stashalong project. I am knitting the squares from some of my skeins, one skein at a time until I cannot get anymore suqares out of the skein. I have made 2 this week and am almost finished with the third. Take a look:

moss stitch
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little shells
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This is a great little summer project. The afgan is getting to hot to handle in southern california and too big to carry around. But the squares are quite portable and don't make me hot at all. Plus they knit up pretty quickly. And, its a great way for me to learn new patterns and sharpen my knitting skills before I take on my first sweater!

Plus, I am decreasing my stash. Score!

Thanks for stopping by. Oh, and please excuse my toes in the first picture!


Sheila said...

Great squares... love the unique stitches... Can't wait to see the finished project in August.

Virtuous said...

Your squares are looking good! I love the cobalt blue!

NH Knitting Mama said...

What a nice charity project... I can't imagine making a blanket in So Cal! Yikes!