Monday, June 4, 2007

Yarn Swap

Hi all,

I was listening to the Craftypod podcast and learned of this great site:

Its a place where crafty types can go to swap handmade items, craft supplies, etc. Its a really interesting site.

I decided to sign up for the Yarn Swap. Since I joined up on the Stashalong board, I won't be buying any new yarn, but I think swapping is legal. Stashalong is really going to help me to focus on my projects. My goal for june is to complete the crocheted afghan pictured in a previous post. I am confiden that I will get it done. Not so confident I will actually give it away though! Hmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder what else I can give my friend..............

On this swap, I will be partnered up with someone and we will send one another 4 skeins of yarn. We can send 4 of the same kind whether they be hank, skein or cake or we can send 4 different kind. I am even thinking of sending extras just to shrink my out of control stash! I think this is such a cool and interesting way of connecting with people I don't know. And, you get a rating just like on ebay. If you are a bad swapper, you will bet dinged and can get banned from swapping again. Hopefully, this will be a great experience!

I will post a picture of what I receive and what I give.

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