Friday, January 18, 2008

How Much Would You Charge for this?

I have been getting lots of requests for my crochet boa and hat set. I am trying to come up with a price for it but I am so clueless since I have never sold any of my stuff. So, I need your advice. What would you guys charge for this. It took me about 9 days to complete this set, but that included crocheting all day on new years eve since I was offI would guess that the total amount of time I spent making the hat was maybe 2-3 hours. The scarf was mor like 12-20 hours. I am not really sure. The yarn was super inexpensive because it is acrylic, maybe about $16.00 in materials.

You can see how it looks here

Let me know what you think!


StarSpry said...

What a great compliment to your work :)

I'm not sure, either, how to come up with a good price. Sorry I couldn't be of more help!

PAJNSTL said...

i have a hard time pricing my stuff... supposedly a good place to start is...
time it took to make TIMES min wage PLUS cost of materials

Virtuous said...

Gurl that is always a tough question.

Bottomline....your knitting TRULY is priceless.

So if the materials cost $16 and it takes you about 2 weeks to do it.....honest I would charge 3x the cost of the materials. So what is that $48?? And I would charge extra if they wanted it to be done less than a 2 week delivery. IMO

Virtuous said...

See! That is why I don't knit for profit. If I am knitting for someone it is b/c I WANT to give it to you.

KimT said...

thanks everybody, great advice!

Jengibre said...

I would charge $50 bucks. What I usually do is double the cost of materials, and then if its an easy project, I pay myself minimum wage.

And the only reason I sell my time for so cheap is because when I crochet, I am usually talking to friends, socializing, or watching television. But if I need to pay attention and its a lot of detailing--the price goes up QUICK. But I haven´t had many projects like that.

My only advice is--DONT SELL YOURSELF SHORT. What I always tell myself is that someone can get an 8 foot MACHINE knit acrylic scarf at Urban Outfitters for $25. I think they should AT LEAST pay me that. And because they are getting a unique, handmade item, they should actually pay more.

But that´s just my opinion.

p.s. Earth and Sky is my favorite yarn color for Red Heart Super Saver--so I am happy to see that´s what this project used

NH Knitting Mama said...

I would agree - you need to make sure you are fair to yourself. Don't short-change yourself price wise!

You've already had some good suggestions on how to figure it out.

Karine said...

I knit three projects for a knitting company, I was payed 200$ for an afghan that was 48x60 inches and 100$ each for a couple of cap sleeve sweater and one without sleeves. It has taken me a month to knit the afghan, flat out without doing my own stuff at a total of 45 hours. So, I guess I made about 90 cents per hour so clearly you can't take the time spent on a project into account.

I agree with whoever said to check out the prices on Etsy, so long that you take your costs into account. And I would put in a surcharge if you hace to give up your personal stuff to work on a project.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

These are great projects. This is the tough part, putting a reasonable price on the project. Reasonable for the time and love you've put into it and reasonable for potential customers.