Sunday, July 22, 2007

Off on the First Leg Of My Summer Vacation

Hi All! I am leaving tomorrow for McAlester, OK! Tiny Tiny town with the nearest Yarn shop about 60 miles away! I am still going to ask my hubby to take me there. Anyway, I am taking tons of knitting, movies and audiobooks and reading materials. It should be a very relaxing time. It will be great just to get away and spend time with my mother-in-law. So, when I get back I should have lots to share about progress on my knitting projects. Hopefully I will finish the summer tank and the squares. My goal is eight squares.

Tank: finished back and progress on the front:

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4.5 out of eight squares:

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You can see the patterns on the squares better on this one:

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Not as much going this weekend as last, but I did go to my monthly knitting guild meeting. Here I am during the Show and Share portion of our time together:

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You know, I usually hate taking pictures. But I am forcing myself to do it this year. I figure that I will not live forever and one day, someone is going to want to see pictures of me. So, I am doing it. I look at this picture and am so proud of myself for taking it and posting it. I am also proud because I have lost about 15 pounds since May 1! So, even though I still have a lot more to lose, I can see in this picture that I have made obvious progress. You know how it is. It takes a longer time for you to see yourself change that for others to see it. People who know me have been commenting about my weight loss, but this week was the first time that I could really see it! I have been doing the southbeach diet and it truly works well for me.

Alright, I am off. See you all when I get back!


Virtuous said...

The tank is coming along nicely!

Great job @ 15lbs! WHOA! Definitely continue to take pics. That is how you can see your progress and feel good like you just did! :oD

Have a great vacation!

NH Knitting Mama said...

I like that you do "show and share"... what a great idea!

Congratualtions on losing 15lbs - way to go!

gold said...

Congrats on the weight lost!!Your tank is looking good!!!

persuede said...

congrats on the 15lbs!